During the week I’m an Android Developer working in London and at the weekends I’m normally found in the skies of the South of England learning to fly. I have been flying at Phoenix Aviation since October where I have fought through the English winter to make some good progress through my Private Pilots License (PPL).

I want to use this site to document my progress with the PPL and anything I do after I have passed. Hopefully I can help any other up and coming pilots learn from the experiences I go through. I also plan to post any tips that I come across from other pilots or learn myself. I also want to breach the topic of how much it costs to learn to fly; having a good idea of the cost makes it easier for new pilots.

I am going to keep the Logbook section up to date with: my hours; airports visited; exams results and the planes I have flown.

I also have plans to keep my YouTube channel up to date with videos of what I’m up to.