Wind, snow and more snow

Once again I have been defeated by the weather an another attempt to complete my qualifying cross country. My first attempt on Wednesday was scuppered by forecast strong and gusty winds – that was a hard one to cancel as the sky was clear and the winds were calm. Luckily, the winds did get quite […]

After the hiatus

My last post was written a while ago as I was waiting to finally do my qualifying cross country and then finally pass my practical exams and get my PPL. Well.. seven months later and I’m still waiting. I have been constantly thwarted by bad weather every time I attempt to go flying. However, next […]

Lee to Kemble

This is a fairly short blog post as there isn’t too much to recount; it was a straightforward and enjoyable flight. Today was a navigation exercise with my flight instructor. The flight would take place in two parts. We would fly from the Spinnaker tower to the lower portion of Basingstoke and then towards Swindon […]

The week ahead

A month and a half ago I booked a week off work with the aim of getting some serious flying time in. So every morning between 20th-24th June I will be getting up early in the morning and prepping myself for a morning of flying. I have been checking the weather non-stop in the lead […]